2020 Summit

2020 Summit


2020 PLP Summit:
10 Years of Partnering to Accelerate Change and Advance Practice

This Summit is intended to examine quality improvement, audit and feedback, human-centred design, knowledge translation and implementation science, and how these continuing professional development strategies can help us advance practice towards a supportive culture, driven by evidence-informed and reflective practice improvement.


Keynote Speaker:

Victor M. Montori, MD is a Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic. An endocrinologist and health services researcher, Dr. Montori is the author of more than 600 peer-reviewed publications and is among the top 1% of researchers with most cited papers in clinical medicine and in social science worldwide in the last decade. He is a Senior Advisor in the Center for Evidence and Practice Improvement at the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research of the US Government. He also serves in the Editorial Advisory Board of the BMJ, and as Director of Late Stage Translational Research at the Mayo Center for Clinical and Translational Science. He is a recognized expert in evidence-based medicine and shared decision making, and developer of the concept of minimally disruptive medicine. He works in Rochester, Minnesota, at Mayo Clinic's KER Unit, to advance person-centered care for patients with diabetes and other chronic conditions. He is the author of the book Why We Revolt – a Patient Revolution for Careful and Kind Care. 


Keynote Title

Caring with Shared Decision Making The Shared Decision Making topic discusses what SDM is, how it could be practiced, the tools available to do so and the potential benefits of implementing SDM. Our work in this area is here:

Objectives for this talk

To understand the role of shared decision making in the translation of evidence-based medicine into patient-centered care.

To demonstrate the use of shared decision making tools, validated in randomized trials, and how they can support patient-centered care.

To review the literature on what can be expected from implementing a program of SDM in practice.


Join us, and share your work and experiences related to:

Choosing Wisely™ initiatives
Quality Improvement
Audit and Feedback
Human Centered Design
Implementation Science
Knowledge Translation
Continuing Professional Development

Submit your abstract by February 21, 2020

Abstract Guidelines

Selected abstracts will be presented as either an oral presentation (fishbowl) or a facilitated poster presentation. Abstracts should be 250 words long, and include the following information, if applicable:

  • background

  • rationale

  • methods

  • activities

  • impact

  • conclusion

  • challenges and lessons learned

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