Vision, Mission, Values, & Goals

Formed in 2009, the Physician Learning Program's mandate to support physician learning by providing practice data and feedback reports to individual physicians. The PLP has established itself as a leader in processes required to obtain, analyze and present health systems data. We have developed unique and critical partnerships with data custodians and various agencies throughout Alberta and nation-wide, and leverage these collaborations to create unique learning opportunities for physicians.

We operate as one of the Alberta Medical Association’s physician benefit stream programs and are governed by a steering committee with representatives from the AMA, Alberta Health Services, Alberta Health, Alberta Chapter of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, and College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta.

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Vision:  By 2025, all Alberta physicians will care for patients in a supportive culture driven by evidence-informed reflective practice improvement.

Mission:  PLP creates actionable clinical information and engages with physicians, teams, and partners to co-create sustainable solutions to advance practice.

Strategic Documents

Business Plans and Annual Reports


Our Mission

To strengthen physician learning decisions through individualized practice-based information, reflection, and by offering support for knowledge translation.


Our Values

  • Collaborate with individual physicians, physician organizations and others vested in patient care
  • Focus on quality improvement
  • Maintain physician and patient confidentiality
  • Conduct evidence-informed-work
  • Driven by physicians and centered on physicians


  • Help physician identify perceived and unperceived learning needs

  • Facilitate individual access to practice data and information

  • Address physicians' personal learning needs

  • Engage in knowledge translation for projects for which data is readily available
  • Develop, adapt, and disseminate aggregate data reports for the province

  • Support the initiatives of Choosing Wisely Alberta