Our vision

By 2025, all Alberta physicians will care for patients in a supportive culture, driven by evidence-informed, reflective practice improvement.

Who we’re here for

The Physician Learning Program (PLP) is here to work with physicians and their clinical teams to help them advance their practice, those who know that there will always be room for improvement and are willing to champion positive change. Together, we will make impactful change that will benefit health care providers and Albertans.

Why we do it

Our work brings health evidence into front line action, to improve clinical care for Albertans. We believe this starts with fostering a learning health care system.

How we do it

We create actionable clinical information and engage with physicians and teams to co-create sustainable solutions to advance practice. This includes:

  • Helping physicians and teams recognize and address their learning needs
  • Creating actionable information for the context in which it will be used
  • Developing, adapting, and disseminating aggregate data reports for Alberta physicians and their teams
  • Undertaking activities to spread and scale projects throughout the province.


We operate as one of the Alberta Medical Association’s physician benefit programs, supported by Alberta Health, and dedicated to improving clinical care for Albertans. We are governed by a steering committee with representatives from the Alberta Medical Association (AMA), Alberta Health (AH), Alberta Health Services (AHS), the Alberta Chapter of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (ACFP), and College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA).

Strategic Documents

Business Plan and Annual Report