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About the Choosing Wisely Alberta Project

Choosing Wisely Alberta is part of a larger Canadian movement (Choosing Wisely Canada) to help physicians and patients engage in conversations about unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures.

The physician community is leading this effort to ensure patients receive the right care at the right time. To date, twenty-five national medical societies have released 150 recommendations.

Under the System Wide Efficiencies and Savings Consultation Agreement (AMA, Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services), Alberta partners have set five priority topics to improve quality of care, patient satisfaction and efficient use of health care resources; Low Back Pain Demonstration Project, Chronic Headaches, Minor Head Trauma, Blood Transfusion and Vitamin D Testing. View CWA priority topics. View Choosing Wisely Alberta partners.

A demonstration project will work with three Primary Care Networks to identify and address the drivers of ordering images (CT & MRI) for Low Back Pain in the absence of clinical Red Flags. This information will be used to develop improved physician decision supports, patient communication resources and care options.

Our health advisory stakeholders, including patients, recommend that our interventions start small, stay focused on patient centered care and optimal use, be data driven to show success, include patients and physicians in partnership coordination and build a spread plan for maximum reach.

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