Developing a data dashboard for Calgary anesthesia departments

Tableau data dashboards can provide continual monitoring of physician practice and identify areas where practice change could improve patient outcomes.

  • Anesthesiology

Project Partners

  • All Calgary Anesthesiology Depts.
  • Surgical SCN
  • AHS RPI Unit
  • AHS DIMR - Data & Data Governance Services

Project Leads

Dr. Donal Finnegan, Anesthesiologist, AHS, University of Calgary

Dr. Lara Cooke, Associate Dean Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development, University of Calgary

Project Manager - Inelda Gjata


The goal of this project is to implement a systematic, individualized and continuous data dashboard to report on important quality metrics.  This will drive evidence-informed practice within the Calgary Zone Department of Anesthesia. 

The dashboard will report on five clinically important quality questions:

  • Is the timing of my pre-operative antibiotic administration appropriate?
  • Is my post-operative nausea and vomiting (PONV) prophylaxis appropriate?
  • Are my patients hypothermic; should I make more or less use of forced air warming?
  • Am I using low flow anesthesia consistently?
  • What is my success rate for post-operative analgesia from my thoracic epidurals?

The Physician Learning Program is helping Calgary anesthesiologists implement the continuous reporting dashboard by providing:

  • Project management support
  • KT implementation support
  • Data analyst resources

For more information, contact Inelda Gjata, Project Manager, at


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