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Earning Mainpro+ Credits

Family physicians can use PLP data reports to reflect on their own practice, enhance their knowledge and stimulate a further review and identify potential changes in their practice to improve the quality of care.  Physicians can earn both certified and non-certified Mainpro+ credits by receiving PLP reports and reflecting on their own practice.


It’s simple.  All the Linking Learning forms are available on our Mainpro+ portal.  Linking Learning to Assessment is categorized as certified Assessment activities, and Linking Learning to Practice can be found under certified Self-Learning activity. Describe the clinical question and area for self-reflection and fill out the online form.  After some time has passed (typically 6-12 weeks) where you have assessed the impact of your decision, you can return to your holding area to complete the form.  Click, submit and you’re done! 

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  1. Participate in a PLP project
  2. Receive your individual data report
  3. Reflect on your practice
  4. Log-in to the CFPC website
  5. Complete the appropriate Linking Learning to form
  6. Get credits!

Reviewing PLP data reports - 6 certified self-learning credits

Linking Learning to Assessment – Practice Audits/Quality Assurance Program - Your report is a form of practice assessment.  Use it to review your practice and identify ways to change and improve.

Attending interactive group feedback sessions - non-certified group-learning credits

Claim time spent in a group feedback session where you discuss with your peers, practice gaps compared to evidence-based best practice, identify barriers to change and ways to overcome the, then create and action plan to implement two or more interventions to change.

Using your report to evaluate your current practice - 5 certified self-learning credits

Linking Learning to Practice or Administration – Use the PLP report to raise a question about your own practice that you then investigate further, or to identify and stimulate a change in practice or office processes.

Additional Information

Refer to the Mainpro+ page on the College of Family Physicians of Canada website for more information about how to record your use of HQCA resources to meet your continuing professional development requirements. 


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